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About us - what we stand for

What we stand for

A “must” for every great road trip: outstanding cars on great routes, excellent hotels and fine cuisine. Passo Tourismo pairs motoring excitement and exclusive destinations with the opportunity to “decelerate” in our top-notch destinations. A road trip perfected by Passo Tourismo.

The Team

The Passo Tourismo team comprises a group of Porsche enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds.
Whether passionate technician, vehicle care specialist or part-time gourmet, every member of the team adds to Passo Tourismo’s success through the quality of their work and a passion for what they do.

A “must” for every great road trip: outstanding cars, excellent hotels and fine cuisine…

Passo Tourismo combines relaxation with excitement and exclusive destinations, on hand-selected routes…

Besides being passionate about air-cooled Porsche 911s, we love outstanding hotels and excellent food. Basically, if you’re out driving a classic 911 – with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair, you deserve a fine hotel with choice cuisine to unwind after your drive.

Our detailed and unique road books guide you through the alpine region on lesser known, secondary and pass roads all the ways to the doorstep of our hand-selected premium hotels and restaurants. A superior driving experience!

Whether in the Bavarian Alps, Tyrolia, Salzburg, Bavaria’s Chiemgau Region, the Black Forest or Italy’s Dolomites, our tours stand for maximum enjoyment – behind the wheel and “aprés-tour” in the finest hotels and restaurants that these regions have to offer.

Our selected partner hotels and restaurants have been hand-selected by us, are always owner-operated and guarantee your well-being at the highest level.

For Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

Selected and Expertly Maintained Classic Porsches

For us, the air-cooled Porsche 911 is the sports car. All of the cars offered on our tours, have been hand-selected and are owned by us. Each one has been professionally modified for proper performance on mountain roads. To keep these classic cars in the best of form, we care for them daily. The professional maintenance of our cars is done by our partner, RTM Motorsport, a master shop for Porsche cars.

classic porsche
Best routes

The Best, Hand-Selected Routes throughout the Alps

Even the best air-cooled 911 is what it is – a 911. We believe that these masterpieces of German engineering shouldn’t be kept “behind glass” or kept in museums. We believe that they should be driven and driven regularly! After all, that is precisely what these cars were designed for… Get behind the wheel and experience a Porsche 911 on the roads it was made for!

The Best Hotels and Restaurants in our Regions

An important part of every one of our tours is hospitality. Passo Tourismo tests all of our partner restaurants and hotels regularly. Just as with our cars, the highest standards for the comfort of our guests is the utmost priority. All of our partner hotels and restaurants are owner-operated and we love adding new partners to our growing list of passionate restaurateurs and hotelliers.

Full Service Package

The Passo Tourismo Experience as a Full-Service Package

The careful combination of great classic Porsche 911s, on the roads that they were made for, with the inclusion of mouth-watering cuisine and the finest hotels is our claim towards ourselves. Leave the details to us – take the wheel of one of our classic 911s and get out on your…

Roadtrip of a Lifetime!

We are passionate about traveling, but traveling “our way”.

Our hand-crafted road trips, with outstanding hotels and cuisine, all at the wheel of one of our classic Porsche 911s, is our definition of traveling and exploring, the „right“ way. Let us take the planning and headache out of your driving experience and be seduced by one of the most spectacular regions of the world. Passo Tourismo – The Roadtrip of a Lifetime“.