Passo Tourismo Porsche Club Greece

A surprise visit from Porsche Club Greece

Last Friday afternoon, in the middle of preparations for the 2015 season, our office door opens and four gentlemen walk in and ask, “Are you Lars Eise from Passo Tourismo?”.

A normal (New York-ish) answer would be, “Who wants to know?”. It turns out that these four gents are from Porsche Club Greece and had read about us, the first time, in the December 2010 issue of “911 & Porsche World”, and have been following our doings ever since. So, on their way to this year’s RetroClassics in Stuttgart, they detoured to our Munich offices. By the way, they went on to see Alois Ruf after their visit with us. We are very pleased to have met them and look forward to their visit later in the season to experience air-cooled 911s on the roads they were built for (almost all of them drive water-coolers).