Engine Rebuild Update

Engine Rebuild Update, Part 2…

You may remember our post regarding the unexpected engine rebuild of our black Targa a few weeks back (“Oh No! Engine Rebuild, the Second..”).

After a final diagnosis by Rouven Tomaschko and his team at RTM Motorsport, we “bit the bullet” and ordered brand new Mahle pistons and cylinders (“P&Cs”).
Well, as of this morning, the engine is back! This is what a completely rebuilt 3.2 liter engine looks like (top end, bottom end, new P&Cs)…

Pretty, isn’t it?

RTM is working hard to get it all back into the car by tomorrow evening. By the way, a new clutch and clutch for update will also be installed. Once in, I’ll be busy “breaking in” the engine. Looking forward to 5 days and 1,500 km of 500-1,000 RPM, 1,000-1,500 RPM and 1,500-2,000 RPM boredom.

Once the Targa is running, I’ll send the next update.

Stay tuned!