Porsche Driving Experience | Passo Tourismo Exclusive Porsche 911 Tours
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Porsche Driving Experience. Great experiences end all too quickly. Our road trips make the memories last…

Porsche Driving Experience – Passo Tourismo combines relaxation with excitement and exclusive destinations, on hand-selected routes… Your time is precious. To maximize your experience, while “decelerating”, Passo Tourismo offers all-inclusive driving experiences of the highest caliber: fine cuisine and hand-selected hotels make every one of our tours the perfect short vacation.

Porsche driving experience the cars

The Cars

Why are we so in love with classic Porsche 911s? Simply put, it is probably the best sports car ever built…

The iconic Porsche 911 Carrera was designed with one thing in mind – driving! In terms of robustness, proven roadworthiness and pure drive feel, the Porsche 911 Carrera stand in a class of its own. This last evolutionary stage of the 911 Carrera, the 3.2 liter, is our personal favorite…

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The Roads

Beyond our passion for classic Porsche 911s, we are passionate about scenic and challenging mountain driving.
Passo Tourismo offers exclusive and unique, full-service package driving tours, on the greatest routes throughout the Bavarian and Austrian Alps and the Dolomite Region of Northern Italy. Get behind the wheel and find out for yourself…

Porsche driving experience -the roads
Porsche driving experience - the hotels

The Hotels

An exceedingly important component of every one of our tours is hospitality. Passo Tourismo hand-selects everyone of our partner hotels and restaurants. Each and every one is also tested, by us, regularly. Just as with our cars, the highest standards for the comfort and well-being of our guests is the utmost priority. All of our partner hotels and restaurants are owner-operated, just like us. And, we love adding new partners to our growing list of passionate restaurateurs and hotelliers every season.